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Writing an Engaging Brand Story


We see ourselves in the stories we hear and engage with others. Stories help us understand our place in the world through shared human experiences.  When a business shares its story, they are drawing out the human component of their brand and meeting the customer need of transparency, empathy, and purpose.

That said, there is brand story and your brand story, which lives on your website's About Us page. It's important that you understand the difference as not to under develop your brands messaging.


Your brand's story entails all its key messages that positions itself around the customers experience with your product or service. Key marketing messages are the core of your business. They communicate clear and concise information about your business. Each message must link together and stack up to build a strong framework. Let's recap and go over the main components of a messaging framework.

  • Vision - defines what you want to offer and where you see yourself in the marketplace.
  • Mission - breaks down your vision into more targeted points. It explains how you are going to solve the different problems faced by your target customers.
  • Value Prop - communicates your credibility
  • Brand Positioning - process of setting your business apart from your competitors in a way that builds preference.

Other components that we'll look at later are brand values and taglines.

Small business owners sometimes mistake a brand messaging framework which simplifies complex and nuanced concepts about your business strategy with their brand story.


A brand story is a written narrative that describes the origins of your company and its products or services in an emotionally engaging way. Your business didn't just fall out of the sky. Something happened to spark your entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe a bad experience with a similar product or service, or even an exceptional talent or genius idea that makes you believe you can stand up to the competition. 

Businesses pay particular attention to displaying their brand story, because it brings all the core messaging together in one place for the customer. Your brand story communicates to customers how your product or service will solve their problems, why they should buy your product or service, and how product or service will enrich their lives. Some customers won't engage with a brand if its story lacks meaningful context and relevancy to their personal needs and goals.

An engaging brand story gets customers excited about your product or service and rallies them around your company's purpose. It invites customers to be a part of the legacy you are building with your company.

The goal is for customers to see themselves in your brand story. I am going to show you two ways to write a brand story. The first method will produce a simplistic version of your brand story. You can use this method if you are just starting your business.


In this first example, we'll use a pre-crafted template. In the brackets, you're going to fill in your business messaging.

  • Founder - Insert your name. You can also write, I, we, or our family.
  • Company - Name of business or organization
  • Problem - Explain what prompted you to start your business. It's doesn't necessarily have to be a problem. It could be that you discovered an innovative approach to an old concept.
  • Solution - Describe how you are changing the industry.
  • Milestones - Share what you've accomplished thus far. How many products have you sold? How many people has your business helped?
  • Moving Forward - What impact do you hope to make in the future?




[Our family] started [Best Auto Care] because [vehicular emissions are one of the largest producers of greenhouse gases, negatively impacting human and environmental health]. That's why [we use reconditioned, eco-friendly car parts and sustainable practices to help reduce the environmental impact of traditional cars]. Along the way, [customers have saved over $100,000 using our sustainable products and services]. By the year 2030, we aim to be [the leader in green auto repair].


A great brand story is engaging, short, and evokes emotion. It should be honest, have a clear structure, and highlight important facts. A customer should be able to read your story and clearly understand why your brand exists and why they should buy from you. All the customers answers should be found in your brand story and other messaging.

For this last example, I will show you another way to write your brand story using a 3-part model: Problem, Solution, and Success. The three-part model allows you to incorporate more context into your story.

  • Your beginning paragraph will explain the problem that you solve for your customers.
  • The middle will present a solution. How your product or service is solving their problem.
  • The last paragraph will describe the success or positive impact your brand is looking to make.

Example: Problem, Solution, Success

In college, I saved up enough money to buy an old, used car that my dad, a mechanic, helped me fix up. On my way to class one day, puffs of black smoke billowed from the exhaust pipe - creating a dark cloud around me. Neighborhood kids choked on the toxic fumes, as I drove by.

Vehicular emissions are one of the largest producers of greenhouse gases, negatively impacting human and environmental health (problem).

We believe people should be able to drive a car that others can't hear and smell. We started Best Auto Care, a green auto repair shop that uses reconditioned, eco-friendly car parts and sustainable practices to help reduce the environmental impact of traditional cars (solution).

A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year from tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions not to mention the additional footprint from manufacturing and shipping car parts.

Since 2019, we've saved our customers $100,000 using reconditioned parts and sustainable services. We aim to help reduce Smithsville carbon footprint 20 percent by the year 2030 (success). Best Auto Shop is here to help car owners have a clean, green driving experience.

Developing powerful messages is crucial to every business because they define the essence of your brand. As you grow and evolve, your messaging could change. If you need help creating your key marketing messages or refreshing your website copy, please see the list of services that we offer to elevate your brand. If you enjoy flying solo and want to Craft Your Own Narrative, take our crash course.