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The Truth About Social Media


Hey Business Buddies!

I'm Mari, founder of EDGI Media, a brand narration and storytelling space for solo and entrepreneurs devoted to the exploration of the customer journey. I strive to help small business owners understand the basics of branding and provide you with a framework that you can build a legacy on. You can read my story here.

Like many other brand marketing novices, I summed up branding to a cool logo and brand colors. I had no clue about the many layers of branding. If you have a business, social media is not a source of entertainment. You are not creating content for likes. Audience engagement happens as a result of great content strategy. I started my social media journey, creating content around the idea of entertaining and not building a community of supporters who would invest in the brand.

Small business owners who realize the importance of brand development, still tend to focus on what the audience can see - the visual aspects of their brand - color palette, product photos, videos, and logos.

I was lucky enough to be mentored by some of the best marketing experts in the field - who helped shift my mindset about social media. Social media is marketing whether you are focusing on reaping a financial return or not. This was tough to swallow because my career work in the nonprofit sector was helping other people. Money came along with it. After changing paths to social media, making money became my career work and helping people came along with it. The roles reversed. I had to learn that you simply can't reach your goals with no money. So, I followed the instructions and advice of my mentors. When I did, my content began doing what it was designed to do - reach people. 

Today, I am excited to share with you the importance of brand narration and developing a powerful message that resonates with employees and engages your target audience. Brand narration helps the audience understand and interpret the position of your brand. Your brands messaging is the framework of your business strategy that you will use to develop your social media and website content. Your messaging facilitates your brands internal and external communications.

What do I mean by communications? The exchange of information from your brand to your employees and target customers and how they receive, process, and respond to that information. Simply put, why you believe in your product or service, how you talk about your product or service, and the way you present your product or service.

There are FOUR things you need to know to begin narrating your brand:

  • Where you have been (Brand Story)
  • Where you are going (Vision)
  • Your means of getting there (Mission)
  • Who you are taking for the ride (Target Audience)
Branding is complex, so I won't inundate you with a bulk of information. My goal is to help you better understand your brand. In part two, I will break down the messaging elements and how they work together to build your content platform.