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Setting Your Business Apart


Hey Business Buddies,

Let's get right into our next component: Brand Positioning. A brand positioning statement is the only element in your messaging that is used internally - unlike your mission and vision, which can be displayed across your social platforms. It's a company-facing declaration that clearly expresses how your brand fills a particular customer need in a way that competitors don't. I'm sure by now, you are all familiar with 2020's overused word of the year - niche. It's what your business does that sets you apart from competitors.

To develop a positioning statement, you should be able to answer these FOUR questions:

  1. Who is your target customer?
  2. What problem does your target customer have (that your business can resolve)?
  3. What makes your business better? 
  4. What makes you different? 

Target Customer 

Your target customer is not just someone who buys your product or service but a specific group who needs your product or service.

Customer Problems

This is commonly referred to as a pain point. I often use the example of CarMax. A huge pain point for car shoppers is having to haggle the price of their dream car. CarMax identified this and canceled haggling in the buying process. The price you see is the amount you pay...before taxes of course.

Setting Yourself Apart

No two businesses are the same while they may offer similar products or services. There might be one key feature that sets them apart. Think about what you offer or do better than the competitors.

For example, look at these popular commercial burger chains. When you think about iconic French fries, what chain beats out the competition?


Sticking with our burger example. All these chains sell burgers but each of them adds their own special style. People are going to remember what makes you distinct.

  • McDonald's has the Big Mac with special sauce
  • Carls Jr. makes charbroiled burgers
  • Wendy's patties are square
  • In-N-Out makes their burgers fresh

The last component of your brand messaging framework is dun dun dun...Brand Story. This is probably the most notable element because companies treat it as the core of their business messaging. In my next post, I'll show you two ways to write your brand story. 

Keep're almost there!