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Easily Define Your Core Brand Values


My purpose as a mentor is to filter through a lot of the jargon that you will come across in blogs explaining branding. It's not uncommon for an article to use one brand term to explain another which creates a lot of confusion, especially for a startup or small business.

While we're on the topic, core brand values are not to be confused with brand value or valuation, which is process of estimating the total financial value of a brand, for all you Shark Tankers. Branding can be quite nuanced, which is why some opt to avoid marketing altogether.

Your core brand values are a set of standards that outline or govern who you are as a company. Getting others to understand the principles you hold, begins with having a clear understanding of what you believe in.

You may share a similar product or service as 10 other brands but differ on what's important to you as a company. Core brand values are the fundamental beliefs that a company stands for. The integrity or behavior of the brand. They create a framework that helps manage the reputation of the brand. Your brands visual appearance, voice, and customer service project from your core values.

How you behave as a company will impact customers feelings whether you have a set of values governing your company or not. The customers feelings and reaction to your brand will affect your brand's identity and bottom line.

Everything you need to know about your brand begins with why you started your company. What problem are you solving for consumers?

Think about the times in your life when you have struggled. We often discover what we believe during hard times or when our needs aren't being met.

For many years, it was very difficult for me to find foundation makeup in my shade. I used lighter shades that didn't match my skin tone and gave me a ghostly appearance. Many others just like me experience the same problem. My belief is that there should be diversity and representation of all skin tones in the beauty industry. If I launched a makeup line, I would make sure that all skin tones were represented. My brand values inclusivity.

After you identify and resolve a consumer pain point, target a specific market or markets who needs your product or service. What feeling or emotion are you looking to evoke in them?

I started wearing makeup to cover hyper-pigmentation scars from acne. I feel more like who I want to be, when I apply foundation. I believe that everyone should have options to enhance their natural beauty and feel better about themselves. My brand values confidence.

Establishing brand values isn't solely about focusing your product or service. Your brand values should reflect personal beliefs.

In 2016, I went fully plant based. I only use products that are sustainably sourced from plant-based derivatives. For my mock makeup line, I want to create products that are animal and toxin free. Even consumers who don't live sustainable lives can align themselves with this value - because raise your hand if you don't want to save the earth. My brand values sustainability.

Finally, brand values are two-fold. What your target customers believe is also important. They are looking to make a human connection to your brand. 

How we feel about things tends to define our interaction with them. Our feelings allow us to project our values onto products or services, in doing so, we understand how we relate to them as individuals. Believing and behaving in a way that aligns with your customers' expectations is key in creating a loyal consumer-base.

When you begin to define your list of values, focus on your strengths and what sets you apart as a brand. Your list should contain three to five core values that you can deliver on. Or I can just do it for you. I'm here to help. Don't worry, contacting me is totally FREE!