"Success is in the Story"

Who doesn't enjoy a good story? 

Here's ours

Our Mission

We work to structure small businesses for success by crafting powerful brand narratives that engages audiences and grows their company.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­In 2019, I was a food rescue driver for a small start-up of five employees. As we were getting operations off the ground, the pandemic hit. To save resources, the director extended us the opportunity to manage a department. I took over social media. Easy-peasy, right...wrong! My content was good but was getting minimal engagement. Our competitors' platforms were doing much better than ours. A marketing expert reassured me that it was not my content. Our website, social platforms, logo, and messaging were all disjointed. We did not have the money to hire a marketing firm to overhaul the entire brand.

Inhale. My day started a 4 AM and ended at 10 PM. Developing our brand became my full-time job. I read countless blogs and suffered through boring videos that made it all look so glamorously easy. Some people just get it - and others, like me, don't. I was getting paid to perform - not learn. It became increasingly difficult to process what I was learning while I was working - sortive like backflipping into an avalanche.

There had to be a way to pull the brand together using what little resources we had. I recruited experts and rising professionals from volunteer platforms to help me prioritize my brand goals. I could not let what I didn't know kill my productivity or show up in the content. I knew the success of our brand was in its story, and I became laser focused on telling that story in the most compelling way possible.

Our social media managed to gain the attention of major news outlets and media platforms who collaborated with us on feature stories and short docs. I launched a fundraising campaign that raised over $50,000 in six months, along with impressive followers who helped raised money championing our cause. And with the help of amazing photographers and videographers, I created a digital library of videos and thousands of photos.

Exhale. After transitioning from my social media role and catching up on a years' worth of sleep in a week, it all started to make sense. That not even the students of Ravenclaw can figure out Instagram's algorithms. But more importantly, I did not need to know everything about branding to deliver a great message. The makings of an excellent brand story are remembering where you have been, knowing where you are going, your means of getting there, and who you are taking along for the ride.

I created EDGI Media to help small business owners develop a brand they can be proud of. We aim to establish a legacy for your business, at an approachable price, by strengthening your brands story with a cohesive, personalized style that supports and augments the goods and services you provide to the community.

Our messaging enables small businesses to connect effectively with their customers through traditional and evolving media channels. It is important that customers have the same experience every time they interact with your brand. When you deliver on your promise to the customer, it establishes a platform for your brand's narrative. 

You create the products -- we help sell them to the customer!

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My purpose as a mentor is to filter through a lot of the jargon that you will come across in blogs explaining branding. It's not uncommon for an article to use one brand term to explain another which creates a lot of confusion, especially for a startup or small business.

Believe or not, you already know who your target customer is. There is only one question you need to answer to identify this group: why did I start my business? Without getting into behaviors, psychology, and demographics - your target customer is the reason you started your business. You simply can't conceive a business idea and not consider who...

We see ourselves in the stories we hear and engage with others. Stories help us understand our place in the world through shared human experiences. When a business shares its story, they are drawing out the human component of their brand and meeting the customer need of transparency, empathy, and purpose.

Let's get right into our next component: Brand Positioning. A brand positioning statement is the only element in your messaging that is used internally - unlike your mission and vision, which can be displayed across your social platforms. It's a company-facing declaration that clearly expresses how your brand fills a particular customer need in a...