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Brand Narration & Storytelling

Every business has a story

EDGI is a brand narration service that aims to establish a legacy for your company by strengthening your brand with a cohesive, personalized messaging that supports and augments the goods and services you provide to the community.

What is brand narration?

Brand narration is an aspect of your business strategy that outlines its position and messaging framework to resonate with your target audience. Developing an authentic brand messaging framework that exemplifies your purpose and demonstrates empathy for the customer and employee is key in growing your customer-base and retaining employees.

Our services create a platform for your business to grow.

How We Help Our Clients

We promise to keep our services distinctive and inexpensive!

Brand Consulting

Our brand consulting provides analysis of your company to develop specific messaging for your target audience to help successfully market, sell, and serve your products better. We review our brand strategy assessment to identify your objectives, target market you want to attract, and the history of your business.

Narrative Design

Brand narration is an aspect of your business strategy that outlines the messaging and marketing that will resonate with your target audience. We design brand narratives and stories for your website, fundraisers, and other marketing projects that appeals to your customers.

Content Writing Course

This course is designed to help small business owners overcome communication challenges when trying to market their new product or service online. You will learn how to find your brand's voice, identify your target market, develop your business charter, and compose your brand story.


Growing small businesses into larger ones.

We Inspire - Stories sell. Rooted within every small business is a rich legacy that we aim to discover. We help you find the inspiration to tell your brand story. 

We Create You have a purpose. Knowing your brand purpose is one thing, sharing it with the world is another. We collaborate with you to craft unique messaging centered around your brands promise and community impact.

We Equip - Loyalty matters. We fully equip our clients with low-cost brand marketing essentials that elevate their brand and build trust among employees and consumers. 

Your most valuable asset is not your product or service, it's your brand

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